So We're Clear: Twig's SE Reflections and All of Twig's work is dedicated to Liberation and Wholeness in a Troubled World. Certain things are obvious yet important to name: Black Lives Matter; Many of Us Live on Stolen Native Lands; Modern Humans are Knowingly Destroying Biodiversity; Global Warming Threatens Everything; Our Time Window for Change is Running Out; We Are All Involved, Implicated and Impacted to Greater or Lesser Degree, Together...Trauma, though not the only one, is a central theme in all of this. We should do our best to change what we can and be grateful for the opportunity to live in these difficult yet potentially transformative times. And in any case, the Earth is Beautiful, So are You and Hope Springs Eternal. 


Thank You for Your Interest in Meeting with Twig:

Though I’m in Good Health, I need a break from a life of too much effort.

And since, in deep gratitude, I’m in process of moving from my longtime homestead…

I’ll be taking a pause from consultations and sessions for the month of September.

I intend to return to these offerings between October – December … however, this is not yet scheduled nor absolutely assured.

Thank you for your patience and interest and I hope we’ll have an opportunity to meet interpersonally soon.

In the meantime, the Podcast Archive or SEP Support Programs on may be of interest to you.

Best Wishes to You Out There,


SE Sessions and Consultations with Twig

If I can help you understand your SE work with clients better or assist you in fulfilling your SEP requirements I’d look forward to the opportunity to talk SE with you.

Several Important Notes for COVID-19 Time / April – August 2020:

  • I’ll be available for individual sessions and consultations for SE students, practitioners and their families in April and May 2020 during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
  • Unfortunately, these session times are not available to the general public. My project may be helpful to you, with current updates coming soon.
  • There is a limit of 2 meetings per calendar month. Please do not schedule more than two meetings inside a calendar month during this time.
  • If I continue to offer sessions in June and beyond, that schedule will be posted by June 1st (and unlikely before then).
  • Individual sessions offered here are available for your discretion and need but should not be taken as the seed for ongoing work. I will not be available for sessions on a long term or ongoing basis beyond the current pandemic.
  • I have a variable price offering during these times: $125 is my classic consultation full fee hour and if you are financially secure I ask you to pay that as normal. There is also a $100 and $80 option for those in need. You can select a price that works for you during registration below – no questions asked or explanations needed.
  • We’re living in uncertain times. If you, or I, need to cancel our meeting on short notice there will be no penalty (for either of us). However, there is also no promise that a cancelled meeting can be rescheduled. That said, I will do all I can to be available as planned and will give as much notice as possible should I need to change our plans. Please do the same.
  • These sessions and consultations are approved for all levels of the SE training.
  • Lastly, my offfer to help comes along with my limitations. Which can be great.

That all said, I’d love to support your personal, educational or practitioner processes in any way I can during these troubled times and look forward to our meeting when the time is right.

And surely, I am wishing you well along the way.

This online scheduler will show my availability and give you time translations.

You may also be interested in one of these well organized online guides for SEP’s.

Where to Start and How to Proceed v.2

Twig’s best attempt to explain: “What is needed for successful SE sessions in the real world,” with practical step by step guidance on how to meet those needs. Refined and enjoyable online learning.

Twig’s Guide to the SE Language v.2

A complete exploration of the reasons, rationale, delivery and verbiage in the SE language. Critical to your success in leading clients through successful SE sessions is to know how to “Speak SE with them.”

Most of Twig’s “away from my home” events are now based on invitation to your local community.

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