SE Student & Practitioner Consultations with Twig

I’d love to talk SE with you.

If I can help you understand your SE work with clients better or assist you in fulfilling your SEP requirements let’s work together. Easy scheduling happens below…

I will be available for SE consultations semi-regularly throughout 2023 – please find my schedule below.

Starting mid April 2023 I will offer a limited number personal sessions for SEPs, SE students and their family members a few days a month, details to come.

For now I’m following a 50-minute hour pattern for consultations unless we need the full hour, which is not a problem.

My fees will be increasing in late March 2023. For now my pricing remains as it has for many years: Variable Pricing depending on SES: $125/50min-hr is my classic full consultation fee and if you are financially secure I ask you to pay that as normal. When necessary there is also a $100, $80 and $50 option ($50, limited to 2 meetings per season). You can select a price that works for you during registration – no questions asked or explanations needed.

Pre-paid consultation series are not currently on offer, though you can reserve a series of consultations as you like.

If we’re unable to meet for an individual consultation I may still be of help to you in the 100+ episodes of Twig’s SE Reflections podcast or the online courses I’ve created for aspiring SE Practitioners.

I am wishing you well along the way.

This online scheduler will show my availability and give you time translations. It should be easy to use, any issues…just get in touch.

You may also be interested in one of these well organized online guides for SEP’s.

Where to Start and How to Proceed v.2

Twig’s best attempt to explain: “What is needed for successful SE sessions in the real world,” with practical step by step guidance on how to meet those needs. Refined and enjoyable online learning.

Twig’s Guide to the SE Language v.2

A complete exploration of the reasons, rationale, delivery and verbiage in the SE language. Critical to your success in leading clients through successful SE sessions is to know how to “Speak SE with them.”

Most of Twig’s “away from my home” events are now based on invitation to your local community.

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