So We're Clear: Twig's SE Reflections and All of Twig's work is dedicated to Liberation and Wholeness in a Troubled World. Certain things are obvious yet important to name: Black Lives Matter; Many of Us Live on Stolen Native Lands; Modern Humans are Knowingly Destroying Biodiversity; Global Warming Threatens Everything; Our Time Window for Change is Running Out; We Are All Involved, Implicated and Impacted to Greater or Lesser Degree, Together...Trauma, though not the only one, is a central theme in all of this. We should do our best to change what we can and be grateful for the opportunity to live in these difficult yet potentially transformative times. And in any case, the Earth is Beautiful, So are You and Hope Springs Eternal. 


Yes, I DO want to hear from you…

A few things to know:

  • It’s best to be patient when anticipating a reply.
  • I’ll get back to you – as necessary and possible – as soon as I can.
  • Short clear messages will be easier for me to respond to.
  • My general public SE practice is currently closed. I cannot offer referrals but I can recommend you visit the SE Practitioner Registry.
  • Former clients should always feel free to be in touch with me.
  • SE Students and Practitioners: I am actively available for consultations, please visit my schedule page.
  • If you’re writing to Invite Twig to present to your community, this is a good place to be in touch.
  • If you’re having a technical problem with a purchased product, this is exactly the place to let me know so we can fix it.

With all that said – yes, I do want to hear from you. Tell me what’s up?

Here’s an old school post address if you prefer: 

Anthony Twig Wheeler – PO Box 115, Carlton WA, 98814, USA
Creator and Producer of

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