Feel Good Friday SE Sessions with Twig – For SE Students, Practitioners or their family members

Making/Taking Intentional Time on a Friday to feel better in your body, maybe even despite it all.

Here’s Some Jargon: We’re going to down regulate your amygdala and singulate gyrus; invoke your Ventral Vagal complex and help your Sympathetic Nervous System make a phase transition while helping your Dorsal Vagal Complex find a more comforting Tone. These are some of the background goods to be found in a Feel Good Friday session.

My Orientation

For several years, and for several more to come, I am focused on educational, consultation and public communications/arts projects and thus I’m not seeing public clients for ongoing therapeutic work. (I want to know what a trauma informed society would be like so I’m focused on passing the word around).

That said, if I did have a public practice right now I’m certain I would not allow all of my work to be trauma facing or stress focused – as much as I’m keen on that and know it’s vitally important to have ongoing accompaniment to work on and relate to a life infused with trauma. (I’d be trauma-centric too, but I wouldn’t only be trauma-centric!)

In fact, I’m positive that I would offer a specific session offering that would focus intentionally on exploring and expanding ones ability to “take in the good.”

I’m also sure I’d make these offerings specific so that they could have a meaningful signal of difference in comparison with the daily round so as to promote further investment in psycho-physiologically based self-care; choice architecture to increase ones ease and well-being; and advocacy for calling completion to one thing before starting another: like a work week to a weekend.

One of SE’s greatest gifts is its range of somatic interventions and attentional practices with their ability to help integrate both exceptionally difficult and also exceptionally positive experiences. These sessions are about expanding the application of this side of the pendulum, where we’re able to allow ourselves to feel good while respecting all the ongoing nervous system conditioning that may challenge that option.

From May-August I am in a stable attentional moment while I offer regular SE consultations, work on a tiny house building project I’m leading and produce several local performances translating insights from traumatology to the general public – and while I’m at it I’m going to offer a few Fridays a month for folks to join me in these focused on Feeling Good sessions.

If that’s of interest to you, take the step on your behalf by signing up and we’ll see what’s possible.

Please keep these things in mind:

  • Signing up for one of these rare sessions with Twig is a commitment with intention to attend. If you need to cancel, ultimately you can, but there’ll be no promise of another opportunity to meet any time soon and you need to cancel 48hrs in advanced.
  • My fee for these sessions is $200.
  • I’m sorry, for now, there are no sliding scale session options available – the Personal Stress/Well-Being SE Consultation does have a sliding scale option and may be of interest to you.
  • For our success, ideally you’ll be able to be in a safe-quiet-comfortable enough environment for our meeting with very little chance of being interrupted – if that’s not the case, we’re going to work with what we have!
  • We’ll plan to meet for 60 minutes unless we get off sooner.
  • It’s true, I don’t know what we’ll do yet, but I know we have options and will find the right ones together. Some possibilities I can project are:
    • Helping your body downshift from working ever so hard;
    • Helping call up some life force energy if things have been feeling stuck;
    • Having an opportunity to do some rare integration on an experience of great joy or satisfaction;
    • Bringing the sweet side of grief to tea;
    • And you better believe it…doing the Voo sound a bit together (likely, not promised, but likely!);
    • and so on…
  • Appropriate for SE Student credit through Advanced – reference the ever important “integration session” that is too often missed in trauma therapy.
  • Currently offered online via Zoom or Phone – someday likely in person again in Olympia, WA.

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