Personal Stress/Well-Being SE Consultation

A high level conversation about your personal stress response patterns, scene and prospects for improving your well-being with SE.

I find these consultations both personally and professionally useful. I also know that many SE students/practitioners doing consultations want to be able to discuss their own personal and family situations with a traumatology and SE lens. Here is an open invitation to do just that.

These are not intended as personal sessions per se, with the accompanying felt-sense tracking and personal processing, though we will make appropriate room for integration when needed.

This is a perspective taking consultation on yourself as a human being and client and is meant to inform your own healing as well as your integration of SE theory and interventions from the inside-out.

This is easily blended with a classic case consultation if focusing on yourself for 50 minutes isn’t the thing for us to do.


  • Available on Zoom or by Phone
  • We’ll meet for 50-58 minutes as suits our needs
  • My fee is $155/hr with Sliding Scale optional 1x per season between $75-145 (no worries or tensions)
  • Appropriate for SEP consultation credit (which is going to keep us focused in on your learning for your work with others while also helping you integrate SE practices and perspectives into your own life)
  • 24hr cancelation policy with a request to try to limit rescheduling (you can cancel/reschedule but please try not to frequently)

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