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Note: This change was planned for early January, but recent family health concerns have taken my attention delaying the necessary promotional period to effect this change so I’ve postponed this price increase until April (I think things will be stable then!)

This is a perfect time to invest in your SE work and help improve the offerings on

A step by step process to identify the communication strategies necessary (and helpful) for successful SE sessions.

Twig’s Guide to the SE Language

Engaging, refined and still improving, this online course was created for SE Practitioner who want to know how to speak SE with all of their clients, not just the ones who already get it.

It is by far the best online class I have ever come across…” 

Susan Vose

Arizona based SEP

Do you find yourself searching for the right words to say when facilitating SE style sessions? 

Does something like this happen to you often?

  • SEP: “What do you feel now?” 
  • Client: “I don’t know.” 
  • SEP Thinks: ‘What do I do now?’

This study guide was made to help you have more fluid engagement with your clients and explains why things get stalled and how to help them get going again. 

“Everything, and especially The tips and examples, were amazingly helpful.” 

Stephanie Pappas

New Jersey based SEP

What is this “Guide to the SE Language”?

An online video study guide for students and practitioners using Somatic Experiencing® in their clinical work.

This is a succinct review of the ins and outs and observed best practices for successful communications between SE practitioners and their clients.

Each 5 to 15-minute “chapter” focuses on a different subject such as guiding clients who are highly attracted to the Red/Trauma Vortex or how to re-direct a client’s attention without infringing on their autonomy by asking questions rather than explicitly telling them what to do.

2 hours of examples offer over 200 quick demonstrations of different phrase combinations commonly used in SE sessions. There’s even associated commentary in the examples references the didactic material from the other videos. Some people have said it’s pretty amazing.  

In all this 7+hours of learning will radically affect all of your future work. If it doesn’t, then I’ve missed the mark and I’m going to apologize and try again. That won’t be necessary, if you’re working on becoming proficient and artful with SE, this will be exceedingly helpful to you. 

Money Back Guarantee

Spending money online is challenging. I want to make this an easy decision for you.

If you get into this program and decide you don’t like it – for whatever reason…simply get in touch in a reasonable amount of time and receive a full refund, no worries at all.

This was created to help you as an SE Practitioner. If it doesn’t do that, you don’t need to pay for it.

Purchase the Guide to the SE Language Here

(Little Note: A price increase for this program has been in the works for some time but was stalled by the pandemic. I will now be increasing the purchase fee in June 2023, this will support additional development on the Guide to the SE Language.)

Guide to the SE Language

Lifetime Access to the entirety of the Guide to the SE Language. Includes online meetings between January-March 2020 to Practice Our Lines and address any outstanding curiosities.


3-Day Trial

Access to the Guide to the SE Language program for Free for 3-Days at a time during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
This is typically a 1-day trail for folks who are considering purchasing the program. You can use it here for your learning for free and decide to join in as a paid supporter when and if you like.


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