Short Term Free Trial Registration

This is a Good Titration and I encourage you to take your time investigating the Guide to the SE Language.

After you review the materials from inside, I hope you’ll decide to join me in the Full Access program currently at $300 – with a final price increase coming March 31st to $350 after the pandemic.

Your financial support makes a meaningful contribution to the development and viability of this project. And helps Twig feel safer in this world.

That said, if you’re keen, this 1-day 3-day access would give you a solid start into the materials at no fee. You’d have to focus but if you started in the morning, you’d finish sometime late that night. That would take effort but it could be done.

Anyway, that over-doing is not necessary. If financial pressures are a central theme in your world and you’re unable to invest in the program to go at your own pace, then you should know that I do not limit how often you come through this short term door to the Guide to the SE Language.

I also don’t harass you in order to try to get you to buy this or other programs. That’s not my style.

So be welcome here. And I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

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