An online course created specifically for Somatic Experiencing® Students and Practitioners

Where to Start – How to Proceed

A sequential perspective on guiding clients into successful SE sessions

This video, recorded during 1 of 8 live online conversations on Twig’s Where to Start program and recent improvements to offerings for SE People, is 34 minutes long. If you’re on a computer you can speed it up and make it go fast.

Many SEP’s finish their official SE® training only to review their expanded knowledge and therapeutic skills with a worrying wonder:

“Yes, but where do I start with my clients?”


“Why does this work at the training and not in my office?”

As an SE Practitioner and Consultant along with a heavily invested SE advocate, I have a perspective on this and shared it for many years in my live workshop “Where to Start” (Originally titled, “Positive Deviancy SE”).

Now I’ve collected my best thinking on the challenge of applying SE in the real world and present it in this to the point online course.

One of my strongest observations is that SE Practitioners grow to suffer “the curse of knowledge.”

By the time we finish the training we are fully steeped in the language, rationale and procedure of Somatic Experiencing style sessions. This is true for our colleagues and classmates with whom we practice our craft – all of us become highly informed clients.

This makes it surprisingly difficult to figure out how to help our real world clients join in and participate in the SE process.

That’s largely because we need to translate the salient parts of the SE training for our uninformed and inexperienced clients and we often miss vital steps in helping them understand and cultivate their investment.

Indeed, the “magic session,” the one where everything flows and things feel as though “it just wanted to happen” – or something like that – is far more likely to happen with experienced, informed, participatory clients.

And far less likely with doubtful, untrusting and uninterested clients, which of course many real world clients are.

This course was created for SE students and practitioners who want a thorough understanding of what their clients need in order to participate and for everyone in the room to feel successful.

To get there a step by step sequence for guiding clients toward sufficient understanding and active participation is offered, with the intention of ultimately supporting the more organic “magic session” – which is already out there, waiting to happen.

What others have said about Twig’s Where to Start Project:

“This is a must see for all beginning SEP’s in private practice. It adds structure and focus on how to begin your work with clients!”


Jan Bergstrom

Massachusetts based SEP

“This is an awesome practical framework to help organize all we’ve learned over the last 3 years. For me it fills a big gap, which is how to ensure a client’s skills are being developed along the way.”


Scott Woerner, Phd


“It was awesome and filled out a few missing pieces not covered in my SE Training. Thanks twig…”


Noel Haarburger


“As usual, Twig’s thorough coverage of the material and accessible presentation style builds upon the skills I learned in the trainings. Being able to review the information in a different format to the formal training is invaluable. I get so much more from the training modules, and I feel confident putting my professional development in Twig’s safe hands.”


Raquel Dubois

Australia based SEP

This online workshop was created specifically for Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners by Twig, with effort and attention. It is here to support you in helping others while applying SE® therapy in your work. Particularly around the issue of getting things moving in the right direction so you can do your best work with your clients. Other Helping Professionals have found this program helpful as well. If you are not an SE student or practitioner, you’re probably better off spending your time elsewhere. Some of Twig’s projects for the public might be of interest.

Online videos and curated lessons included in the Where to Start Program

  • Part 1 and 2 of Twig’s Where to Start presentation – 3hrs
  • Q&A Follow Up for Where to Start – 2hrs
  • Examples from the 10-Session Protocol – 1hr 45min
  • 10-minute Clarity Review – 15min
  • Final Thoughts on Contracts and Protocols – 45min
  • 13 Related Chapters from Twig’s Guide to the SE Language – 2hrs
  • 7 Related Episodes from Twig’s SE Reflections Podcast – 5hrs
  • Accompanying Written Material – v.1 (There may still be a v.2 coming as support and interest for this project allows.)
  • Additional material to come as more participants join in…you can be one of them.

New with Version 2 of Where to Start – Going Strong Since December 1st, 2018.

  • Improved user experience on 
  • Increased engagement with Twig through regular Zoom meeting for Q&A and Open Conversations (through March 2019)
  • Premium Podcast Collection of both audio from the main course material, and additional reflections from Twig on Where to Start themes, and Q&A sessions
  • Whatever else we can create together

Money Back Guarantee

Spending money online is challenging. I want to make this an easy decision for you.

If you get into this program and decide you don’t like it – for whatever reason…simply get in touch in a reasonable amount of time and receive a full refund, no worries at all.

This was created to help you as an SE Practitioner. If it doesn’t do that, you don’t need to pay for it.

This is not a 2-minute sales video. You can speed it up, which is helpful, or just trust the message and see what happens next.

Program +

Gain access to all the materials in the regularly priced Where to Start program ($175) while also receiving 4 one-on-one consultations with Twig ($125/hr) to help you solidify your use of this work. A $125 savings.


Where to Start Program

Access to the Where to Start program for 1 day for free. See if this program is a fit for you. If you start in the morning you could get through the entire thing by late afternoon or maybe stay up too late to watch it twice.


1-Day Trial

Access to the Where to Start program for 1 day for free. See if this program is a fit for you. If you start in the morning you could get through the entire thing by late afternoon or maybe stay up too late to watch it twice.


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