107: The Many Reasons for the Voo that You Do

Title Image for Twig's SE Reflections podcast episode 107. Image shows a character pulling back a curtain that is hiding a long list of associated reasons and rationals for the Voo Sound.

Continuing on with a mini-series on The Voo Sound. Here we take a deep 2-hour dive at a still incomplete list of values and opportunities in the Voo Sound from introduction to tracking sensation, to stimulating the viscera in titrated fashion, to effecting energy well transitions, utilizing a “reverse engineered intervention” to evoke the ventral vagal complex’s influence on the Vagal Brake and on and on…for those who are still curious or dubious about investing time and attention in the Voo Sound with your SE clients, here is support and encouragement in making that investment.

Next episode we’ll take a look at invitations and applications of the Voo Sound.

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