Serious Stuff Saturdays – SE Sessions with Twig for SE students, practitioners and their family members

Informed SE accompaniment for the hard stuff with Twig

Sometimes you need time and space to work through something serious with someone who’s keen on helping you not be tortured by the experience but feel successful at addressing the hard stuff and helping it transform into something else: something less serious; possibly transformative; even liberatory? 

This is my, admittedly limited, set of offerings to facilitate and accompany you while addressing your serious stuff with an SE perspective. 

It’s my recommendation that we use this time together to address what “really gets you” by using “the smartest, best practices, use case scenarios” of SE that we can find as it relates to what is up for you.

That tends to be my style: to talk about what ails you, try to appreciate the nervous system influences involved and to use SE style investigations/interventions to see what else can happen. But, admittedly, I’m willing to hold other perspectives with you if you see something else as more appropriate – though there are likely limits to my ability to help, like I’m not super good at cheering for disinhibited re-enactment. So these sessions are meant to be collaborative and somewhat flexible with a focus on what will be of most help from an SE perspective.

That said, these sessions are not available for ongoing work. To address things in a more thorough and ongoing way you’ll need to seek assistance elsewhere. My other commitments don’t allow me to hold space for you in the way you deserve in an ongoing way and you deserve that kind of support. So best to see these are adjunctive, supportive and unique renegotiation focused sessions and to seek therapy elsewhere.

Instead, we get to meet in a focused way on these Serious Stuff Saturday Sessions for:

  • “1-off” sessions to work on something that you know you need to attend to and you want my SE guidance around it. 
  • A short series of sessions to work on a theme or incident in a way that a 1-off session cannot achieve. 
  • Checking in every once and a while on an ongoing theme or collection of themes that you’re working on personally in your own ways and with sufficient support elsewhere and my occasional guidance is helpful to you.
  • Limited to SE students, practitioners and their family members. Apologies but these times are not available to the general public as they’re explicitly focused on helping the helpers at this time. 

Please keep these things in mind:

  • Signing up for one of these rare sessions with Twig is a commitment with intention to attend. If you need to cancel, ultimately you can, but there’ll be no promise of another opportunity to meet any time soon and you need to cancel 48hrs in advanced.
  • My fee for these sessions is $200.
  • I’m sorry, for now, there are no sliding scale session options available – the Personal Wellness SE Consultation does have a sliding scale option and may be of interest to you.
  • For our success, ideally you’ll be able to be in a safe-quiet-comfortable enough environment for our meeting with very little chance of being interrupted – if that’s not the case, we’re going to work with what we have!
  • We’ll plan to meet for 60 minutes unless we get off sooner.
  • You’ll want to think about what is going to be of most interest to you for us to “work on” together, as in, what’s this all about for you, but also, you don’t want to spend a lot of time or attention on it, particularly if it’s intrinsically heavy stuff, let’s look at it together.
  • For our success we need to manage our expectations: there’s not going to be any magic or transformation in one session for serious stuff (unless, you know, there’s magic), and the wrong expectations are a set up for our failure. So let’s go into this intentionally curious about what will happen rather than expecting that we know what is supposed to happen already.
  • Appropriate for SE Student credit through Advanced
  • Currently offered online via Zoom or Phone – someday likely in person again in Olympia, WA.

To sign up for these sessions means you’ve read the related orientation material, have an SE appropriate “serious” concern you’d like help exploring and appreciate that these meetings are not suitable for ongoing work with Twig but can still be of significance and helpfulness in their own right.

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