Registration for Where to Start Online Course – Short Term Free Trial

Thanks for taking a deeper look into the Where to Start program.  

I hope after reviewing the Where to Start materials from the inside for a day you’ll choose to join in the paid version, if at all possible.

That said, if you’re keen, this 3-day access would give you a solid start into the materials at no fee. You’d have to focus but if you started in the morning, you’d finish sometime late that night. Or some such. 

A few functions have been disabled for the free trial, such as download access to the Where to Start podcast (though you can listen to them inside the program) along with access to the live online group conversations (though you can review recordings from past conversations). 

If financial pressures are a central theme in your world: You should know that I do not track how often you come through this short term door to the Where to Start program. Some people have returned 20 times or more, if needed, you could too.

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