Polyvagal Theory in 11 Minutes

The Polyvagal Theory can be described in 11 minutes

To do that we’ll need to let go of some of the fancier scientific language and many of its nuances or broad implications.

If we’re willing to do so we can pair the basics down into about 11 minutes of reflections on the basic elements found in the Polyvagal Theory.


  • How the autonomic nervous system in mammals is hierarchically arranged into 3 subsystems each of which is responsible for specific bodily functions when we perceive ourselves to be safe enough and specific involuntary responses when we find ourselves in danger.
  • Why knowing a bit about these subsystems and how they interact within an individuals body and psyche can help therapeutic professionals attend to their client’s well-being more effectively.
  • And then some…

This is an admittedly youthful and enthusiastic attempt to share a bit of that good news found in the Polyvagal Theory. I hope you’ll bare with the production quality and note the efforts I’ve made to improve them over the years!

From the archives of Twig’s SE Reflections (recorded 2010) here is,…The Polyvagal Theory in 11 minutes. 

More Polyvagal Theory resources from Twig. 

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