065: Pendulation…Is It Enough?

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There’s a hope amongst many of us that if we can just “get this to Pendulate” than the task will be done – we can then sit back and watch the magic happen. I don’t offer an exhaustive list of why that’s a fantasy or incomplete appreciation of what we’re doing but I can assure you it is. In a informal-podcast-kind-of-way I say as much in this episode.


In the close of this episode I recommended Brad Kammer’s webinar introducing Larry Heller’s developmental trauma model NARM. I attended this 2 hour program with Brad recently and was appreciative of NARM (and Brad’s) ability to distinguish between Shock and Developmental trauma. There are more introduction webinars coming and I find them reasonably priced. Here’s a link to the registration page on Brad’s site.

I also saw that the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute is doing another round of short programs on the Foundations of Disaster Response. I’m just saying…I think that’s a really great thing. The locations and dates are all listed on this page.

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