086: The Planned Collapse

I know I'd prefer a softer landing. How about you?
I know I’d prefer a softer landing. How about you?

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Some of our clients have been “going, going, going” and are going to continue doing so until they “collapse.” When we can see that coming it’s often worth introducing the idea of planning or preparing a time when they can permit themselves to “not do more” but instead allow their bodies to try to rest and restore a little.

Obviously not a solution to overarching activation, unsustainable lifestyle choices or classic nervous system disregulation, the “planned collapse” can help soften the challenge of an exhuastion that threatens to make things worse.

Toward the end of this episode I role-play an introduction to offering these ideas to a client: complete with mitigating language, preempting the Red Vortex, menuing, and titrating toward the Yes – any of which might be cut out when they’re unnecessary due to a client’s relative interest or resiliency. These are all communication issues that I cover indepth in Twig’s Guide to the SE Language.

Although I flail when trying to remember Marjorie Shostack’s name in this episode, her book Nisa is a classic ethnographic exploration and well worth checking out sometime. Here’s a cliff note style review.

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