076: Preparing the Advocate

As SE practitioner we often either accompany or prepare our clients for stressful events. Things like surgeries, court battles, conflicted meetings with family or employers and so on. These inherently stressful events can be hard on anyone and are especially challenged for people who already experience themselves in regular distress. They’re also the kind of events that we shouldn’t “do alone” if at all possible. And whenever possible, hopefully we’ll have an advocate on our side.

Advocates can focus on all kinds of different responsibilities. In this episode I consider the advocate whose role is to help modulate the stress response during a challenging event. This is only a first look at a broader subject that I’ll return to more specifically around preparing for surgery and medical procedures.

Preparing for Surgery Primer

In this episode I mention a Preparing for Surgery primer/guide that I created years back. This piece still needs an update but the original document still stands up and by signing up to download it below I’ll know how to tell you when the updated version is available.

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