063: Will this Pendulate?

Here is a critical question behind the scenes in every session…Will this Pendulate? From a repetitive tension pattern to a looping storyline there are plenty of times a felt experience won’t find change unless some outside smarts are brought to bare. That’s part of our job as Somatic Experiencing Practitioners: to be able to discern whether an element of experience is likely to pendulate or not and what to do based on that assessment.

Do we lean on this or that element of experience? Do we trust the pendulum to swing or get in there and direct it? Do we hope for the best or make something else happen? I don’t answer these directly but I do look at them all while holding the tension inside the question – will this pendulate?

Here’s a free short study on Cultivating Pendulation that I can offer you.

Many of the themes I touched on in Episode 63 were addressed in my Guide to the SE Language. Here’s a way for you to access some of that information.