Special Concerns: SEP’s in the Time of COVID-19 – SIGN UP HERE

I’ve been meeting with SEP’s lately to see if I can be of help around their responses (personal and professional) in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Invitations to these meetings have thus far been restricted to participants in Twig’s Guide to the SE Language and Where to Start programs. As I’m already in regular contact with these folks, meeting with them was a sensible way to start.

I’ve been and will continue to record these meetings and post them here in this free program for SE students and practitioners.

By signing up here you can review these videos around:

  • Communicating with our clients around the novel Coronavirus
  • keeping ourselves safe and sane
  • facilitating sessions online
  • group chill out sessions to meet and support one another with our SE skills

There are no perfect answers in here. But plenty of accompaniment and some support. If that will be helpful to you and your practice, please feel free to join in.

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