Twig’s SE Reflections Juvenilia Released

This podcast project began over 5 years ago but only really got going in Fall of 2014 after several “failed” attempts.

The early material has never been released until now.
At times it’s unpolished but I think it still stands up.

Many of these ideas have been looked at in other episodes or Twig’s Guide to the SE Language.  Yet this is how I would have talked about them years ago.

These videos are Free – though you can leave a $ tip if you like that’ll be appreciated, reciprocity keeps the world going around.

Most of these are 10 minutes long. One is 22 minutes. Currently totaling about 1:15.

You can watch them by streaming online or getting the super easy Gumroad App that will play them on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

Current Juvenilia Episodes:

  • Distance From Experience and Embodiment
  • Mitigating For Success
  • Observational Sufficiency
  • Perfection is My Enemy
  • Stay in the Session
  • The That’s it Moment

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