Group SE Case Consultations for SE Students and Practitioners via Zoom

After many requests and with a current opportunity to do so, I’ll be offering semi-regular small group consultations in 2023, these are at 11am (Pacific Time) on most Tuesday and Thursdays.

These are for SE students and practitioners and are appropriate for Beginning – Advanced Consultation Credit for SEP requirements.

This is both a learning engagement opportunity with other SE people and a potentially easier price point to discuss your SE work and attain some of your SEP consult credits.

  • Price is variable from $30-45 for 1.5 hours or .5 consult credits (see caveat below).
  • 1.5 hours of a group consultation equals .5 credits on your consultation signature form.

Here’s how this works:

  1. For now, offered on several Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 11am (US Pacific Time) for 1.5 hours.
  2. Sign up allowed until 6 hours before the start of the group meeting but cancelation is needed 24hrs before.
  3. Meeting is open to registered participants who will receive a unique Zoom link via confirmation email to enter the meeting.
  4. The meeting will close at 11:10am, so please join within the first 10 minutes or sadly miss the consult.
  5. Focus will be on SE theory and application at the level of participants’ training and according to who’d like to present/ask questions that day.
  6. Active attention is necessary for credit though you do not necessarily have to present a case or ask a central question.
  7. We’ll take a quick 3-5 minute break near the top of the hour.
  8. We’ll always use the last 15 minutes to do some type of felt-sense/embodiment experiment/practice that somehow relates to what we’ve been talking about so we’ll close the meeting in a sweet savvy SE way to move on into the rest of our day.
  9. At the end of the meeting I’ll send out a link for your payment, where you can name your fee between $30-$45 and then you’ll receive a signed signature form for your SEP paperwork at the current level of your training – if that’s needed.

A Little Caveat:

  • We need 3 people to have a classic Group Case Consultation per SEI’s requirements.
  • So, if we have 3 people signed up and present by 11:10 we will stay on for the full 1.5 hours together, achieving the intended .5 credits based on time for a group consult.
  • However, we’ll adapt if we have fewer than 3 people.
  • If we have 2 people, we’ll go for 1 hour, splitting the time equally between the 2 participants, leading to .5 consult credits each as an “individual” consult. Still with the variable pricing between $30-45.
  • If only 1 person signs up, we’ll have an individual consultation for 30 minutes, again for .5 consult credits and at the sliding scale price.

It should be easy like that and I hope you’ll join me for a group consultation some Tuesday or Thursday at 11am (PT) in the season to come.

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More questions or comments (like, how this timing really doesn’t work for you but something else would)…

Please get in touch.

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