X: Catastrophic Thinking, Existential Threats & How SEP’s can help clients when they’re flipping out

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**Caution: This episode is heavy. Proceed with caution.**

Creative thinking combined with an attraction to – or fear of – Danger in a world full of Existential Threats can quicken the pulse and take people right out of their ability to respond spontaneously to the moment.

SE practitioners, as with everyone else, cannot “solve” the challenges that threaten people. However, we can appreciate the pain of those caught in runaway worry. We can also offer unique assistance in helping people renegotiate past stressors and more successfully ride current ones so they can feel less concerned about and respond more appropriately to scary stuff in the future.

That’s worth some consideration about the nature of catastrophic thinking, the truth of the existential threats humans face and what we as trauma therapists can help the best we can.

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