090: Comedy Improv Games for SE Practitioners

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Here’s a longer episode reviewing 10 of the Comedy Improv games and their associated SE lessons that form the spine of my super fun SE refinement workshops Practicing Our Lines.

Each game is covered in-depth with layouts of how you can perform the game in a group and what insights SE Practitioners can take from them.

Games Reviewed Include:

  • Wordball/Nameball
  • 60 Second Life Story
  • Patterns
  • Polyvagal Family Portraits
  • Speech of a Life-Time in Numbers from 1-100
  • What-Cha Doing Now?
  • Copy/Paste for Cutting Back the Phrase
  • Slow Motion Ninja Riot
  • Tiger-Alien-Cow
  • Counting to 20

This episode will probably work best if you break it up game by game.

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