060: Am I a Fraud? Is this stuff real?

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Maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone but plenty of us have wondered if we’re frauds. It’s only natural. This SE stuff is a “different kind of thing” than most of our clients are prepared for. The worry that we don’t know what we’re doing is easily exacerbated by not having enough traction and felt success in our work. This episode takes a look at some of the pitfalls that can enhance the feeling of being a fraud along with some sincere practical solutions for the time while you’re developing your own mastery of this craft us SEP’s aspire too.

In this episode I mention that my friend Abi Blakeslee and Dave Berger (both SE Faculty) are teaching a workshop together in LA this November 12-16th. The title is: Relational Development, Rupture and Repair A Somatic Developmental Perspective workshop. Go Team!

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